Who We Are


MidEast Data Systems UAE (MDS UAE) is a holding company that has more than 24 companies under its umbrella operating in the United Arab Emirates.

With its Head office in Abu Dhabi, MDS UAE is one of the leading Information Technology companies in the UAE. With over 35 years of experience, MDS has been nominated by IDC as the number one IT Services Company in the UAE for many consecutive years.

MDS UAE in turn is part of the dynamic international Holding MIDIS Group which operates all over Central East Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The company’s organizational structure and financial capability make it an ideal partner for both, leading companies who share MDS’s goal to expand the market it serves, and for clients who are actively seeking suppliers that offer expertise and highly focused commitment to their markets.

The companies under MDS UAE cover the below fields:
• System Integration
• Data Center / Critical Infrastructure Consultancy, Integration & Operation
• Software Solutions & Professional Services
• Computer Systems & Networking
• Stand by power Systems & Telecom Shelters

Contact Information
P.O Box: 7899 - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971 2 6130000
Fax: +971 2 6273399
Email: mdsauh@mdsuae.ae

Midis Group

The Midis Group (www.midisgroup.com) is a major information technology and service provider throughout the Middle East, Central East Europe, and Africa. Founded in 1967, it has around US$ 4 billion in annual sales and more than 4,000 employees in over 30 countries.

It aims to serve emerging markets with integrity and expertise on behalf of the world’s leading technology brands.

The group is known for its advanced offering of ICT services, distribution, system integration, software and hardware products along with Data Center consultancy, infrastructure and standby power solutions. Across borders and languages, the Midis Group affiliates operate as partners in focused profit centers. Backed by the Group’s financial strength, they strive for the best in market effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

In 2006, the Midis Group was named one of the World Economic Forum initial 100 Global Growth Companies.

President's Message

The past decade has witnessed a dramatic evolution in the world economy fueled by constant innovation and the harsh impact of recession, corporate restructuring and an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

In parallel, the potential of the Gulf & Middle East, which has woken up to new political realities and challenges, brought into sharp focus the need for integrated information and communication technology solutions which cater for present needs and changing environments. Moreover, the velocity of change has compelled business leaders in the region to reconsider traditional perspectives on competitive advantage, market development and the criteria for long-term growth.

To cope with all these developments MDS has adopted a strategy to provide its customers with the latest ICT products, solutions & services according to the best international standards & with a competitive advantage placing MDS as the leading trusted IT service provider & system integrator in UAE & the region, as confirmed by IDC which ranked MDS UAE as the number one IT Services Provider for fifteen consecutive years.

The evolution of MDS and its affiliated companies reflects the value of its philosophy to share success with its customers, business partners and employees. The company is committed to world-class performance standards and to the improvement of our best practices, refined though our group’s global experience.

MDS looks forward to the future as a time of unprecedented challenge and opportunities. The company’s pioneering entrepreneurship spirit will continue to develop its enterprise, actively participate in its customer’s success as they face the great changes in today’s information age and enrich its business partners as they explore the enormous potential of the UAE & Arab World.

Building on its experience and the trust of its Customers, Employees and Business Partners, we are confident that MDS will continue to excel in the coming years.

Sami Abi Esber,
President of the MDS UAE Group

Sami Abi Esber
President of the MDS UAE Group

Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to be a high-integrity partner, providing world-class technology brands and solutions into emerging markets and focusing on customer satisfaction.